What is the Boba Festival?

The Boba Festival is a non-profit event where boba shops from all over come to showcase their signature drinks. Guests will be able to purchase a ticket for unlimited access to milk tea samples. This event was founded in 2015 by three boba enthusiasts to bring the boba community together under one roof. We hope to give value to what it means to win the best boba awards.

Where have you been!? We thought you were an annual festival.

We truly apologize for the break that we took. It was a combination of having a small team and other priorities, so the Boba Festival kept getting pushed aside. But now, we’re back with a bigger team, more time, and newer resources. Even though we weren’t able to make time to plan the event, the Boba Festival was always in the back of our minds. Every time we drank boba, we were reminded of how we let down the boba-loving community. We won’t let you down again!

Do children require a ticket?

Children under 6 years old do not require a ticket

Where do the profits go?

Half of the proceeds goes to Water 1st International that helps provide clean water for people all over the world. The other half of the proceeds goes towards a Scholarship for Future Business Professionals. It is our ambition that the Annual Boba Festival not only serves as a vessel to come together, but also an opportunity to give back to the community.

Is the event indoors or outdoors?

The event will primarily be indoors at the Pavillion Hall at the fairgrounds. There is a shade patio, and the food trucks will be right outside the patio.

Does everybody require a ticket to enter?

Yes. Everyone over the age of 6 requires a ticket.

What is the difference between each ticket?

Early bird (presales) are tier 1 tickets, They give the same access as the general admission tickets, but at a discounted price. Early bird (presales) + mason jars. This is a bundle with the discounted ticket and a mason jar. General admission. This is a general admission ticket that gives unlimited milk tea samples at the event.

Is there food at the event?

There will be food for purchase at the event from various food trucks

Is there entertainment at the event?

We will have live performers at the event.

Will we be releasing more mason jars?

Unfortunately, we will not be releasing more mason jars online, but they can be purchased at the event along with other merchandise items.

Will we be releasing more early bird tickets?

Unfortunately, no, we will not be releasing more early bird tickets.

Your attendance to the Boba Festival constitutes consent to be photographed, video recorded, and to have those photos and videos published. The Boba Festival is not liable for any injuries or accidents. Thank you!